Team Mental Practice

$125 cad
Tue Apr 30, 6:30 - 8:30 PM (CST)
Legends Center, 701 Centennial Blvd, Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada  

As the teams begin to bond, they begin to need to develop a mental approach to competition. This session is designed to help in that growth

In North America, we tend to shy away from the mental aspect of the game and some of the international coaches Dr. Darren Cannell has worked with have told him as much and he has learned a large amount from them about the ways to get a team and individuals to play to their potential. The Elite Academy can set up a team session or sessions to help your team work their ways through the challenges of higher level play and how they need to get their heads around each of their roles within a team. These sessions are normally a two-hour block and happen in a meeting or board rooms. If your team provides the room in which to conduct the session the cost is 125 for the two hours. The room has to be warm and the athletes need to bring a pillow because part of the talk is about relaxation techniques when trying to sleep the night before a big tournament or during times of stress and anxiety. The other suggestion is that participants should bring a pencil or pen and some paper or journal to write down some key ideas. Coach and parents are welcome but should remain as silent observers. The coaches are welcome to help guide the session but should not be the focus.

The flow of the presentation is a follows:

What is mental practice?
Dealing with anxiety and nerves
Your goals of an individual
Your contribution to the team
How to make sure individual and team goals do not conflict
How you are not alone, what it means to be part of a team
Difference between good players and elite players
Making goals a reality
Types of players
Respect and commitment
The ways and rewards of pushing yourself way past what you think you are capable of achieving
Difference between confidence and arrogance
What are the roles of parents, coaches, and others in the sport aspect of your life?
Dealing with failure
Relaxation techniques

Darren Cannell

Legends Center, 701 Centennial Blvd, Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada
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