Volleyball Nations League Weekend trip

$50 cad
Fri Jun 5, 4:30 PM - Sun Jun 7, 11:30 PM, 2020 (CST)
Lansdowne Park, 1015 Bank st, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  

The charge of 50 dollars is to show that you are serious about attending and will be used towards the cost of the event tickets. If it is decided that there is not enough interest or the trip is canceled the 50 dollars will be fully refunded. The cost for this event will be more than 50 dollars but all of that will be prepared by the planning group once the travelers have committed to the event.

August of 2020 is the Olympics. The Volleyball Nations League in 2020 will be used by all teams as a warm-up for the Olympics. I have heard via the grapevine that we will be hosting our Canadian Men’s team and three other teams in Ottawa in June on the 5-7th weekend. The Canadian Elite Academy has been tossing around the idea of taking a group of 12-15 athletes to Ottawa on this weekend to see these games. The games happen on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. The format is a mini round-robin between the four teams, I have been lucky enough to see this event for the last two years and as I watched the games live, I was so impressed and thought the whole time that this would be so cool for aspiring volleyball players to see. The fact that it is only two months away from the Olympics means all countries are going to be using the Nations League as a method of training for the Olympics and will bring the best players in the world to the event. I will be going and taking my Son and thought I would open an invitation to the first 12-15 athletes who would like to attend. The particulars such as where do we stay, how do we travel, what will we do when we get there will all be finalized when the group of travelers has been decided.
The event is held at the Arena at TD place at Landsdowne Park in Ottawa.

Darren Cannell

Canadian Elite Academy Head Coach
Lansdowne Park, 1015 Bank st, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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