Basic Blocking session

$20 cad
Tue Oct 18, 7:00 - 8:00 PM (CST)
Father Robinson School Gym, 530 Rogers Rd, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  
Basic Blocking session

The Six skills sessions series

The Six Skills Series is the skills needed to be a well-rounded volleyball player. The sessions are short and focus on a single skill. In school and club volleyball, the coaches often do not have time to teach basic volleyball skills. Where can an athlete ensure they have a solid foundation to develop these skills? These sessions are an answer to this problem.

A well-timed and effective block diffuses an offensive attack. The athlete is near the net, moves into position with hands up quickly. The athlete focuses on the ball and jumps vertically so that maximum height is achieved when the ball is above the net and contacted. Arms are raised and extended above the head; hands are close together with fingers open; wrists are in line with arms (wrist parallel), and hands are slightly forward. A firm and straight-arm position is maintained so that the ball rebounds off hands and is not struck. If possible, the athlete reaches up and over the net with arms and hands pointed in a downward position for a rebound. The athlete lands facing the net while keeping the upper body in control and knees bent to absorb the shock. Depending upon whether the right side or left is blocking will determine which hand should be turned inside.

This is a chance for athletes who cannot consistently block over the net to work on this skill.

Darren Cannell

Canadian Elite Academy Head Coach

Jean-Paul Barker

Volleyball Coach
Father Robinson School Gym, 530 Rogers Rd, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada