Taking your skills to the next level.



Josh April 24, 2019

Chie was awesome! My son, who plays middle, needed work on his setting skills. Through Chie’s knowledge and drills, he improved his setting skills tremendously over the hour-long private lesson!

Keegan October 20, 2019

The private setting sessions have been amazing for working on specific skills and the strategic part of the game. And being able to bring along a hitter from our team to work on timing has been so helpful. It has definitely helped with confidence and success during games. Thanks!

Jayda October 18, 2019

Excellent session, full of great pointers, a lot of fun, and all of the girls had their personal stats created for them! Such a great academy. Will be doing more!

Lexus October 18, 2019

Method of instruction and coaching is excellent. Lex has demonstrated a noticeable increase in skill level during game play as a result of her attendance at these clinics.

Cadence October 18, 2019

Enjoyed this session-was great to ask questions and get feedback. Had fun working with people I didn’t know!

Samantha October 18, 2019

Loved what the taught/showed us to prepare for tryouts!

Viviana October 17, 2019

Excellent program. How can you not fall in love with volleyball. The coaches clearly enjoy what they are skillfully doing and it is infectious with the players.

Zachary October 11, 2019

Enjoyable, and the skills being taught are very helpful! Will be doing more sessions!

Keeley October 11, 2019

Thank you for having a private serving lesson for Keeley Sander. It was a great lesson. It went through all the fundamentals of serving with high repititions. Positive feedback and positive corrections and reinforcements.

Brynn October 11, 2019

I really enjoyed the sessions and saw my blocking improve alot from the start of the session to the end

Breeze October 2, 2019

After participating in this session I have a better understanding of spiking which will help my game play.

Stacey September 26, 2019

It was good, not much feedback personally while doing skills but likes that when did serve one at a one and got feedback. Liked the repetition of one skill at a time and specific skill at a time. Felt like was getting taught.

Vanessa August 31, 2019

This camp really pushed me, expanded my abilities, and it helped me become an all around better player. I really enjoyed the camp and it definitely got me back into shape for the upcoming tryouts! I improved so much and I highly recommend going into this camp!

Abebayehu August 30, 2019

I liked the camp a lot. I feel like I improved. Terry and Will were good coaches - fun and positive and they gave us good feedback. I will do the camp again next year!

Lexus August 30, 2019

It was a good camp. Coaches were very good and very helpful. Feedback was very constructive. The initial survey was a little confusing but i believe I landed in the correct tier. I will be back next year.

Samantha August 29, 2019

I liked that all the coaches would walk around and assist you we you need it. Coach Rob helped me with my overhand serving and Coach Terry and Coach Will helped me with my spiking. Before this camp I didn’t know positions, how to spike or overhand how to overhand serve. Thank you for all that you have done to help me improve. I really feel that I have improved or the course of this week. Thank you-Samantha

Jaryn August 12, 2019

It was a really great experience, and would definitely do it again!

Jaime August 9, 2019

I enjoyed it! Amazing coaching, learned a lot and enjoyed every session.

A-Jay August 9, 2019

Really good time with quality high school players. Everyone is very kind and open to new comers. Highly recommend

Sara August 8, 2019

What a great opportunity for people of all ages!! Both Michelle and Darren are very friendly and offer positive feedback. To give up 2 hours of their time and offer court time for FREE is amazing. Much appreciated, Elite!!!

Denise May 31, 2019

Amazing atmosphere, awesome coaches.
Love it!

Vanessa April 17, 2019

Amazing!! When can we do it again?

Keira April 17, 2019

Learned a LOT and it was fun

Kendyl April 17, 2019

Great session. Learned a few new techniques to focus on when setting

Jenna April 16, 2019

I learned more in 2 hours than I ever would have expected. And my expectations were high. They were more than exceeded. I enjoyed an extremely high level of coaching and teaching instruction. One of the best sessions I could have been attended.

Will April 9, 2019

Darren really helped Will figure out a better approach on the right side and gave immediate feedback with every hit.

Sabrina April 9, 2019

I wouldn’t mind having an option for semi-private lessons that are cheaper and shared with two or three people.

Jaryn April 9, 2019


Amber April 5, 2019

just start a little bit earlier & end earlier…perhaps 7 pm to 9 pm & offer more of these for different positions & body strength etc but overall it was good & very good coach who knows his stuff & can play game well!

Keegan March 26, 2019

Wow! Three highly skilled coaches to work with one player! What a valuable experience for him.

Adam March 22, 2019

Super fun!!

jacob March 21, 2019

excellent personalized coaching

Kara March 18, 2019

Great tips for serving properly. I really enjoyed the session.

Kara March 18, 2019

Excellent breakdown on how to hit properly.

Parker March 18, 2019

“I liked it”!

Parker March 18, 2019

great evening, really enjoyed the variety in game type !!

Mason March 16, 2019

Lots of fun in a positive setting while playing some great games. Thanks

Julia March 13, 2019

I am excited for the next one. I had so much fun and made new friends.

Marlee March 11, 2019

Great camp, my daughter had fun. I caught the end and heard some very positive messages from the Valkyries and Roughriders. $100 seems a bit steep for a 1 day camp, but overall it was a good experience.

Arianna March 11, 2019

Direct quote from my daughter “absolutely awesome”. Thanks!