About the Academy

Each athlete needs to bring a volleyball to all sessions.


Peter October 4, 2022

Peter loved learning the technical aspects of how to adjust his body to improve his hitting!

Kailyn August 27, 2022

My daughter loved the camp. She said she learned a lot from the sessions and was really glad to have the breaks in between sessions. Thank you.

Ellie August 26, 2022

It was really fun! I liked how we specialized in something different each session.

Alea August 26, 2022

My daughter learned so much and enjoyed the coaches.

Sydney August 26, 2022

Our daughter really enjoyed this and it was very well organized. Having the participants need to leave and come back every 2 hours was challenging, however.

Samantha August 26, 2022

I loved the making the cut camp this year!!! It was so fun and the energy was great. The coaches really made sure that people were comfortable coming up to them with questions and getting help, but also making sure that everyone was comfortable playing with each other. I loved the variety of coaches that were there. There was always a different outlook or approach from the coaches so that if one way of doing something didn’t work you could ask another coach, and try a different way. I really felt like all the drill that we did challenged me on a good way and made me push myself. The gameplay was great. Being able to play with other athletes was amazing and being able to come together with them as a team and not individuals was very fun! Thank you to all the coaches for a great week and I can’t wait for next year.

Peter August 25, 2022

My son Peter said “It’s the most I’ve improved in a short period of time. The coaches are amazing, and give very good feedback. Darren is the best coach I’ve ever had….don’t show this to Keegan! He sets a very good example of what a good volleyball player should be like. He tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.” Thanks for everything! EDIT Darren is ONE OF the best coaches….He and Keegan!!!

Ben August 25, 2022

I just want to say that the level of coaching during these sessions was amazing. A coach was always able to find the problem and help me fix it if I was struggling with a certain skill. Great work. Thank you Darren!!

Haley August 25, 2022

Great environment to play volleyball in! Everyone was extremely supportive and helpful!

Kieran August 25, 2022

Best camp I’ve attended all because of all the help I’ve got and feedback to make me a better player and person

Ana August 15, 2022

It was fun to learn new skills and beach volleyball rules with the help of the awesome coaches. It makes you wish that the season lasts longer! Thank you and see you soon!

Nada August 15, 2022

It was a great way to spend the summer learning new skills from amazing coaches, get to meet many great players and have a lot of fun outside. Thanks to all, and a special thanks to coach Leanne for her commitment for working with us. See you next year!

Ashley August 11, 2022

Our girl had so much fun playing in the beach volleyball sessions ….they were coached and guided on their skills in a positive and energetic environment

Shelda August 11, 2022

My daughter learned so much! The coach was excellent an it was great to have the junior coaches to demonstrate the skills and model the play. Thanks so much!

Emerson August 11, 2022

Really great coaching. Very positive environment to be around and would definitely register for beach training next season.

Lawson August 11, 2022

Amazing summer program!

Nate August 11, 2022

it was a great beach season and i’m really glad i had Darren to help me improve.

Paul August 10, 2022

It’s very fun and helped me get back into beach very good coaching I would recommend for anyone who wants to improve their beach game or to just train.

Peyton August 10, 2022

Peyton had an amazing time! So fun and great atmosphere!!

Emily August 10, 2022

This session was incredible! Amazing coaching and constant movement in the drills. Maximum use of time and tons of ball touches. It was so great to see the improvement in all of the participants throughout the sessions. Well done!!!

Jordan August 10, 2022

This was an absolutely amazing session. The girls were always having fun, working hard and learning! Chie is an outstanding coach. Jordan was very lucky to have had this opportunity. Thank you!!!

Amira August 3, 2022

The SMLW camp was such a rewarding experience. It was amazing to be surrounded by other young volleyball players with a desire to improve and encourage others, and every single coach gave helpful feedback while simultaneously making the past three days as fun and gratifying as possible.

Cadence August 3, 2022

I loved the camp! It was so fun to get to learn from all of the different coaches and get different perspectives on skills. Everyone was so positive and supportive during all of the drills and games play. It was also fun playing outside. Thank you to all the coaches I loved learning from all of you, getting your insight on all of the different positions was amazing!

Brynn July 29, 2022

This jump training session was fantastic! The instructor was interactive, enthusiastic and super prepared every class. In the 4 wks I definitely saw gains and results. Would highly recommend this session!

Anby July 15, 2022

Had a great time and learned a lot

CARA July 14, 2022

It was tiring but it was all worth it because I really enjoyed while learning at the same time. I started the training with very little knowledge in playing volleyball. After the training, I’ve learned the importance of proper positionings and different skills to be a better player. The other kids were really encouraging by giving compliments and high fives. I had so much fun and I’m hoping to come back.❤️ Thank you very much to all the coaches! ❤️❤️❤️

Ava July 14, 2022

Ava really enjoyed how many coaches were on site and loved their perspective and insights very much.
She has taken away some incredible drills, warm ups and stretching routines that we will be able to carry us through. This camp has emphasized Ava’s dedication to pursuing volleyball and her hope to play more. Thank you!! Awesome camp :)

Sydney July 7, 2022

Very helpful and really enjoyed!

Melia July 2, 2022
Kate May 16, 2022

Great skills, challenges, and smiles

Melia May 13, 2022

She loved it again!

Melia May 3, 2022

My daughter really enjoys your jump training.

Rayna May 3, 2022

Darren is friendly, knowledgeable and very positive
With the athletes.
Always very happy with Elite Academy!!

Brookkyn April 29, 2022

Darren is patient and a great teacher.

Emersyn April 11, 2022

Thank you so much!! My daughter loved it and found it to be very helpful!

Ryan March 18, 2022

Excellent coaching. Helping to big solid improvements in our game!

Ellie March 12, 2022

It was fun and Darren explained well when the girls didn’t understand. They learned A LOT in that hour - Thank you!!

Berlyn March 8, 2022

Berlyn always has such a great time and learns so much from you. Thank you for being so supportive of her:)

Kovi March 4, 2022

Always a great camp. My daughter felt she learned something and always has fun with Darren.

Arsema March 4, 2022

This helped me understand how to serve better with a beautiful swing.