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Greta Mar 28, 2024

David was an awesome coach! He made the girls feel comfortable and able to have fun, yet pushed them to become better and work hard.

Session: Private Lesson
Malu Mar 1, 2024

We were extremely impressed with the session. Julia was patient and very encouraging and my daughter got so many technical tips on a short amount of time. We thought it was definitely worth it.

Session: Private Lesson
Nelda Jan 31, 2024

The setters, Adlen and Rayna, found Chie fabulous! They want to have another session with her.

Session: Werbicki Private Lesson
Savannah Jan 30, 2024

Savannah had two coaches working with her with was AMAZING! Reviewing every rep, recording and reviewing reps, having her write down key take aways and a super positive attitude from both coaches made for a fantastic experience.

Savannah left feeling confident and happy! Thank you Crystal and Mo.

Session: Private Lesson
Krish Dec 14, 2023

Chi & Aya are awesome Coaches!

Session: Setting/Hitter Training Sessions December
Annika Dec 13, 2023


Session: Setting/Passer/Libero Training Sessions December
lily Dec 10, 2023

My girls love this program!

Session: Beginner Foundation Session December 10
Summer Dec 10, 2023

Great session re Elementary Foundations! Covered a lot of ground in a short period of time.

Session: Elementary Foundation December 10
Nomin Dec 10, 2023

Awesome thanks

Session: Beginner Foundation Session December 10
Kenlyn Dec 10, 2023

I loved this session! There was so much covered in the hour and my daughter really enjoyed herself. I hope to get her into more in the future.

Session: Beginner Foundation Session December 10
Khaliun Dec 7, 2023

My daughter loves Lori. She is so amazing. Thank you for the good experience

Session: Intermediate Passing December 7
Krish Dec 7, 2023

My daughter loves it!

Session: Elementary Foundation December 3
Melia Nov 27, 2023

My daughter enjoys the coaches.

Session: Jump and Agility Training November 27
Paige Nov 20, 2023

Leanne is awesome!!
Paige loves working with her.

Session: Basic Serving Nov 20
Aidyn Nov 19, 2023

Daughter enjoyed the class and wants to take a few more

Session: Beginner Serving November 19
Kellie Nov 15, 2023

It was awesome, loves it!

Session: Hitting Sessions November 14
Chase Nov 8, 2023

I’m happy we heard about your academy. I already see improvements with the few sessions we attended! Look forward to many more!

Session: Advanced Serving November 6
Rei Nov 7, 2023

It was great, filled with fundamentals also fun. Coaches were very supportive and encouraging. Would like to come back.

Session: Elementary Foundation November 5
Olivia Nov 6, 2023

She really enjoys the instruction and learning the game. Crystal is really awesome with the kids!!!!

Session: Elementary Foundation November 5
Khaliun Nov 2, 2023

She is so great. We would recommend her always.

Session: Intermediate Passing November 2
August Oct 29, 2023

Lots of constructive feedback given; well structured. Will be attending other classes

Session: Beginner Serving October 29
Bennett Oct 25, 2023

David is a phenomenal coach. Clear, concise, positive and effective. Amazing session.

Session: Private Lessons
Maddie Oct 23, 2023

Excellent small group instruction!

Session: Basic Serving Oct 23
Chloe Oct 22, 2023

My daughter learned so much in one hour. The coach did an excellent job teaching the kids! Not a single minute wasted. Overall, my daughter is very satisfied with the experience. Just registered for another session.

Session: Beginner Foundation October 22
Olivia Oct 16, 2023

My daughter loved it and Crystal was Great. Kept them moving and always gave them positive feedback and encouragement. She will be back.

Session: Elementary Foundation October 15
Isabella Oct 11, 2023

Crystal was amazing!! So thankful we were able to have her work with our daughter! She definitely made an impact!

Session: Private Lessons
Ayla Sep 24, 2023

Thank you for offering such frequent options for players to take advantage of as they grow in their sport!

Session: Elementary Foundation September
Eve Sep 18, 2023

Excellent coaching and great that they covered about the mental game and self talk.

Session: Advanced Serving September 18
Brynn Sep 14, 2023

I felt this was exactly what our daughter needed to help
build her confidence and to give the right feed back to make the proper adjustments to improve her game

Session: Private Lessons
Paige/Devyn Sep 7, 2023

Private lesson was so worth our while!! Great feedback and covered a lot of concepts in a short amount of time! My daughter wants to book more. Thank you!

Session: Private Lessons
Willow Sep 6, 2023

WOW!! What an incredible opportunity this course was for young volleyball players. We could see our daughter progress over the 4 days. The strength and skills she built will come in very handy at try-outs this fall! Thank you to the phenomenal Elite team! You ROCK!

Session: Making the Cut Junior High School team (2)
Sydney Sep 1, 2023

Sydney loved the camp again this year and it’s a great way to get ready for school and club tryouts starting next week!

Session: Making the Cut High School Senior team (1)
Katelyn Sep 1, 2023

Awesome very well organized camp, the girls learned so much

Session: Making the Cut High School Senior team (1)
Alexander Sep 1, 2023

coaches were great and i learned a lot

Session: Making the Cut Junior High School team (1)
Jordan Aug 31, 2023

Such an amazing camp! There’s so many awesome coach’s who give a wide verity of advice! I love going to this camp each summer! It’s a great way to get back in the swing of things before the volleyball season starts!

Session: Making the Cut Girls Senior High School Camp
Dean Aug 26, 2023

Coaches were so encouraging. I learned a lot and can’t wait for the volleyball season. Thanks for a great camp!

Session: Making the Cut High School Senior team (2)
Ted Aug 26, 2023

They kept us busy, learning new skills, lots of reps, great coaches. Playing games was the best part.

Session: Making the Cut High School Senior team (2)
Ava Aug 26, 2023

This camp is amazing! I learned so much in just 4 days. I will definitely be coming back next year!

Session: Making the Cut Junior High School team (2)
Cadence Aug 25, 2023

I love thé making the cut camp!! It is a bittersweet feeling to know that this is the last one I attend but it was with some of the best coaches!!

Session: Making the Cut High School Senior team (2)
Emerson Aug 25, 2023

I had a fantastic time. It was challenging and fun. I will come again next year.

Session: Making the Cut High School Senior team (2)

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